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Slater & Norman series to be republished by JOFFE BOOKS!

Starting in February 2024

The existing self-published books will be unpublished one by one during the coming months to be replaced by new Joffe Books editions. 

Still the same stories

The stories remain the same, but the new Joffe Books editions will have revamped covers and new titles.

On 14th February, book one will be re-published with the new title “Death by Carpet”

On 21st February, book two will be re-published with the new title “Death by Plane”

On 28th February, book three will be re-published with the new title “Death by Night”

Where Was Sarah Southall before?

Prequel to the West Wales Murder Mysteries.

Detective Sarah Southall is back at work after six months’ maternity leave — and is immediately plunged into a gruelling murder case.

A young woman is found strangled to death in her flat. The only clue is a bunch of wilting flowers and a card bearing the words, Just for you. The victim is quickly identified as Miriam Daniels, who’d only recently moved in.

At the same time, this small Hampshire town is plagued by a spate of burglaries. The victims are all single women in their thirties. Could Miriam’s murder be a robbery gone wrong? And where has her mysterious new boyfriend disappeared to?

As Sarah struggles to balance the complexities of a baffling murder investigation with the demands of a new baby and a less-than-supportive husband, she wonders if coming back to work was a mistake.

What Sarah cannot know is that the killer may be closer to home than she imagined — and her bold but risky plan to catch him red-handed will have terrifying consequences . . .

(Please note this book was previously published as I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY NOW.)

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